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About Us

Gamos is a platform for professionals from diverse backgrounds to collaborate and co-create innovative solutions to address the root causes of poverty. Gamos seeks to create a more equal society by:

  • identifying opportunities for transformative change;

  • conducting strategic research to explore further; and

  • mobilising key stakeholders to turn ideas into impact.


MECS East Africa_Day02_May 15, 2019-276.jpg

Brigning together stakeholders from the clean cooking and electricity access sectors at the MECS East Africa Launch

Gamos was founded in the UK in 1989 as a platform to empower disadvantaged individuals, communities and societies in the Global South. Gamos has a diverse track record, including social mobilisation, renewable energy systems design and ICT for development. Gamos is a small organisation with a big reach, working through a network of partners across the Globe, primarily in Sub Saharan Africa and South/Southeast Asia.


In the early 2000s, Gamos played a critical role in the development of mobile money by identifying the opportunity to facilitate money transfers for the unbanked using the increasingly accessible mobile phone infrastructure (Batchelor, 2012). Gamos brought together the banking and telecoms sectors to take the idea from the drawing board into the pockets of the poor.


In 2013, Gamos began championing eCooking as a transformative solution that could leverage the enormous progress the world has made in electrification to drive forward the clean cooking agenda. Gamos worked closely with Loughborough University and the UK government (DfID - now FCDO) to design and implement the Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) programme. MECS aims to bring together the clean cooking and electricity access sectors and create a range of market-ready innovations and enabling policies that can create transformative social impact by electrifying kitchens across the Global South.


In 2021, Gamos East Africa was incorporated in Kenya as a result of our growing engagement in the region through the MECS programme. Gamos East Africa works closely with local institutions, such as the Ministry of Energy and Kenya Power, to help them respond to the emerging opportunities for the electrification of cooking in Kenya. In addition to identifying and implementing opportunities for transformation, Gamos East Africa also seeks to build the capacity of its associates to identify and implement equally transformative opportunities in the future.

Meet the Team

Gamos East Africa brings together professionals with diverse experience to tackle issues relating to energy access, gender equality and social inclusion.


Gamos East Africa specialises in strategic research and stakeholder mobilisation to turn transformative ideas into practice. We work with a range of stakeholders, from government to private sector to end users, developing innovative ways to change perceptions and catalyse action through evidence-based decision making.


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